AGM 2022

Documents for our eighth AGM

AGM 2021

Documents for our seventh AGM on the 16th June 2021

AGM 2020

Documents for our sixth AGM on the 20th June 2020

AGM 2019

Documents for our fifth AGM on the 26th June 2019

AGM 2018

Documents for our fourth AGM on the 17th May 2018

AGM 2017

Documents for our third AGM on the 9th May 2017

AGM 2016

Documents for our second AGM on the 30th June 2016

AGM 2015

Documents for our first AGM on the 25th June 2015

Share Offer

The share offer closed on the 31st May 2015.

Planning Application

The following documents were submitted for the planning application. As with all planning applications, the documents are also available online through the local Council website (searching for 'community solar' brings up our application). Public comments and responses from consultees are also available through the Public Access Link.

Company Registration

We are registered as an 'Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community'.


Talks and presentations.

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